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The centerpieces at my wedding were pearls.

I've become great at answering to many names. First and foremost, I am a wife to my high school sweetheart and mom to my one year old daugher, Kennedy. In the past few years, I have added esquire and dance teacher to my repertoire, while still holding daughter, best friend, and Bobcat near and dear to my heart. My adventure to open this business began back in college, when I held the events chair of my sorority. After planning event after event, I knew that I had a heart for the field. Since, I have planned several events for family and friends, and my passion only continued to grow. Cathryn was the maid of honor of my wedding, and everything was beyond perfect. It was at that point that I knew that my best friend was the only person I would ever want to do this with. So as we've always said, adventure awaits!

Brittany Vakiner and Cathryn Boe

After planning dozens of events for their friends and family, Brittany Vakiner and Cathryn Hoel Boe put their experience, creativity, and vision together.  The childhood best friends have been side by side through it all, so forming a partnership was a natural next step. Both finished grad school and began careers in their fields before they decided that they wanted to spend their time celebrating with others. From there, Postcards & Pearls was born. 


The centerpieces at my wedding were postcards.

I'm a wife, mom, creator, and an adventurer. ​After my son, Oliver, was born, I quit my day job in corporate digital communications to focus on my doctorate. I found myself planning a lot of events and each time I told my husband, Jacob, how much I loved doing it. After being approached about planning and designing after event, Brittany and I decided to jump in and help create memorable celebrations for others. Since then, we moved into our forever home and welcomed our daughter Addison. When I'm not spending time on an adventure with my family, I am lucky enough to be working with my best friend.

Bailey Clarke


Head Planner

Hailey came to us as our first intern. We were immediately blown away to her dedication and willingness to jump into every project. The first event we had her coordinate was a first birthday party for Brittany’s daughter, Kennedy, and we knew that if she could handle the pressure of throwing an event for her event-planner boss that she would be an asset to our team. We scooped her up and made her a head planner as soon as she graduated.


Head Planner ​

Bailey was the first head planner we brought on when we realized that this was turning into a real business. She is detail oriented, always going the extra mile, and amazing at pulling together a beautiful room. “The best part about what we do is making a beautiful day come together & knowing I was able to alleviate some stress from the couple & their families.” She is in the process of planning her own wedding with her fiancé, Bill, so she knows exactly what our couples are going through.

Lexi Kroh

hi, I'M LEXI

Head Planner ​

We brought Lexi onto our team early on and we love that she is always positive and incredibly creative. Promoting her to head planner was a no brainer and the couples who get to work with her are so lucky. “I can’t think of a better way to balance my occasionally tense profession with the chance to help couples on the happiest day of their lives. I am a counselor who has a passion for making jewelry, spending time with my loves ones, hanging out with my adorable wiener dog & spending as much time as possible enjoying the great outdoors.”

Alexis Picture for Postcards & Pearls.JP


Assistant Planner ​

Alexis is a former client who we had to add to our team. Her wedding was stunning so we knew she would help our couples pull of some amazing days. She’s a total perfectionist and a fantastic designer. “Working with Postcards & Pearls has been an incredible addition to my legal assistant by day, crafter by night lifestyle. I have learned so much about the wedding industry and I could not be more excited to continue to learn, to grow and to help couples on the best day of their lives; their wedding day.”



Assistant Planner ​

We met Gabby when she was still a student at California University and she immediately impressed us with her attention to detail, ability to take charge, and her constant kindness. In addition to being a fantastic wedding coordinator, she's also been our go to planner for graduation parties. If you're lucky enough to have her on your event, you'll see right away why she's on the fast track to be a head planner with Postcards & Pearls.

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