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Nicolette & Bryan's Backyard Wedding

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Nicolette and I were at a surprise birthday party when we started chatting about her wedding at The PPG Wintergarden. Much like her, the vision was elegant and flawless. The plan was for her church's pastor for conduct a meaningful ceremony, guests to visit interactive stations for dinner, and then a full evening of dancing in the heart of downtown.

We were getting down to the final details of planning when suddenly the world was upside down. The COVID—19 global pandemic forced the City of Pittsburgh into quarantine and the stay- at-home order canceled the May 9th dream wedding that Nicolette & Bryan had worked so hard to plan.

Rather than let the day go by without any vows or celebration, the couple decided to plan a simple wedding at a nearby park. Her sister would document the day with a go pro, she'd wear a dress she ordered online and altered herself, and they would celebrate with a rose ceremony that we brainstormed during an emergency planning meeting. We we're so in awe of her resilience and willingness to make the day special despite the circumstances. 

We had a group Zoom call with all of our brides to discuss what their weddings could look like given the state or the world and we hung up excited for the day that Nicolette had planned for their intimate wedding. And then we woke up on May 9th to a record setting May snowfall. Once again, her & Bryan found themselves rethinking how she would seal their commitment. They scrapped the park ceremony and decided to get married in their own backyard after the snow let up. 

She did her own hair and makeup, threw together a bouquet of Trader Joe's flowers that on of our other brides helped her get, and made their marriage official at a beautiful, intimate wedding at their home on Mount Washington.

Despite a pandemic, despite snow, despite letting go of any and every plan of what this day was supposed to be, all we felt (that day) was pure joy, peace, and LOVE. So much of it," said the new Mrs. Churilla.

To end their night, the team from Sound Wave Productions surprised them with a mini cake and first dance in the driveway which was a perfect ending to what turned out to be a pretty perfect day. 

Vendor Rundown 

Planning | Postcards & Pearls 

Photography | Frank Vilsack Photo 

Catering | Bistro To Go 

Entertainment | Sound Waves Productions

Every-flipping-thing else | Nicolette Churilla (the bride!)

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